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Recognizing the need to progress in the digital era, this 120-year-old magazine needed new practices in order to expand their readership and attract a younger audience. Grey Horse led a series of workshops and trained staff in engagement techniques and social media tools. We provided strategic guidance on the development of a series of podcasts, videos, and digital communities that allowed MIT Technology Review to reach their intended audiences. As a result of these efforts, the magazine achieved a 3x increase in Twitter engagement rates. MIT Technology Review was also named one of the best scientific content creators by Synthego.

When the magazine hosted their first CES event, they worked with Grey Horse to create a unique, memorable experience for c-suite guests unfamiliar with the brand. Providing an escape from the standard technology-packed CES events, Grey Horse helped MIT Technology Review host a memorable, intimate dinner at a secret location in the desert: Calico Basin, Red Rock Canyon. Fifty hand-curated guests joined the impactful, memorable event and welcomed the only CES event without WiFi.

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