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TED Countdown

January 5, 2022 1:45 pm Published by

TED Countdown, the famous brand’s new climate initiative, needed to make a splash. They had to mobilize enthusiasm for their first big event (an invite-only summit in Edinburgh) since the start of the pandemic. They had to get eyeballs on the livestream to follow the summit. And they had to do this by convincing people who normally don’t care about climate change to… care about climate change.

Grey Horse tapped its extensive network of influencers to find a diverse group of people who could speak to audiences that typically don’t engage with climate issues. We created playbooks for them to create engaging content before, during, and after the summit (and tracked the analytics of what they made). We also took over daily copywriting duties for TED’s Twitter and Instagram accounts, giving them a fresh new voice. And, as the coup de grace, we designed a paid social promotion to boost their audiences across key platforms—and drive attention to the all-important livestream.

Grey Horse influencers helped spike digital engagement around the summit’s themes, leading to thousands of likes, comments, and shares. TED’s organic growth rates also showed significant improvement under Grey Horse’s watch, with 3x Twitter impressions and 8x follower growth at the height of the campaign. Then came the final paid social sprint. Thanks to Grey Horse’s strategy and implementation, TED added over 5,600 new newsletter subscribers, nearly 4,000 new Instagram followers, and drove tens of thousands of viewers to its livestream.

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