The Ocean Agency

February 6, 2007 9:33 am Published by

This international non-profit combines creativity, technology and powerful partnerships to drive awareness for ocean conservation, but in 2017, they wanted to build impactful content marketing around coral reef conservation which led Grey Horse to create a brand voice, style, and tone for outreach to funders, partners, and the general public.

Grey Horse provided strategic, high-level public relations messaging through a series of ghostwritten blog posts that were published in major outlets such as National Geographic, TIME, and Google. Within a few months, The Ocean Agency amassed thousands of new social media followers, with growth rates reaching well over 50%. Grey Horse’s efforts helped The Ocean Agency and its Netflix feature documentary, Chasing Coral, make the shortlist for an Academy Awards nomination. That same year, the French government appointed The Ocean Agency as the official coordinator of the International Year of the Reef for 2018.

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